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Intimate Spaces: An archive of creative observation. [working title]

Research Question:
To what extent can an urban investigation of the qualitative properties of District 4’s hems, establish a ‘hem code’, through the medium of a creative archive?

This research takes the form of a detailed reflection, through creative practice, on the process(es) of collecting, archiving and (re)producing physical and ephemeral data from the urban realm, with a specific focus on Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The research investigates place through the collection of audio visual data. The results of this work, will be collected into an archive of audio visual material that will establish these spaces as contextually significant to HCMC in a period of rapid change and development within the city.

The urban infrastructure of Ho Chi Minh City is a unique window into the experiential relationship between the inhabitants and their immediate built infrastructure, and this project will capture the significance of the spaces through different lenses of colour, scale and movement through a process of creative observational filmmaking.

This research is being conducted with the aim of developing a clear role for an archive of observational and creative readings of discrete urban spaces and features. Using the uncelebrated places of the ‘egoless’ city, an intimate portrait of how spaces are formed and operate can come through and guide larger scale civic projects.